How many amperes are needed to charge an electric car?

Is it appropriate for us to answer this question simply in one phrase? Or are you just wondering how many amperes you need to charge your electric car? Let us first understand this in a very basic way, how many amperes are actually needed to charge one EV?

How many amperes are needed to charge an electric car?
How many amperes are needed to charge an electric car?

How many amperes are needed to charge an electric car?

Normally at home, an EV can be adjusted to use anywhere from 5 to 32 amps at 120 or 240 volts from a variety of AC outlets under charge conditions. It will take 7 days to charge from empty to full at 5 amps 120v. It takes about 10 hours to charge from zero to full at 32 amps 240 volts. But it depends on how fast you want to charge.

But when we talk about a supercharger station, you can charge it up to 80%-85% in about 30 minutes. It can use up to 200 amperes. Also, the time frame should be measured in several parameters like how much time you want to charge an EV, how charged your EV battery is and how much you want to charge it.

Let us understand this with some examples, or know a basic formula so that you can decide for your EV how many amps you actually need to charge your EV within what time frame?

Say you have a Tesla 60 EV with a 75 kwh battery and at night, you come home and park your Tesla in the garage, and plug it into your 240-volt, level 2 charger. And for the next journey, you have to charge in 10 to 12 hours and leave then you will need 32 amps.

see a formula

 75 kw/h = 75000 w/h

voltage source – 240 v 

time limit – 10 h

w ÷ v ÷ H = A



75000 ÷ 240 ÷ 10 = 31.25

That is, to charge a Tesla 60 EV for about 10 hours, you will need 32 amps.

With the above formula, you get the required ampere by calculating the battery capacity, voltage source, and timing of your EV.

But you’re on a trip and staying at your friend’s house but he doesn’t have a Level 2 electric charger in his garage. So if you plug into a 120-volt outlet with the help of an adapter, it will surely take double the time.


I guess how many amps are needed to charge an electric car? We have got enough answers to this question. Some other ideas related to this may be important, which we will try to know in the next article.

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